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Trasmission X-ray people screening system

Feature Highlights

·         Detects objects concealed internal in or externally on the body.

·         Contraband and threat detection including: weapons, explosives (plastic and powder), detonators, narcotics, electronic devices, diamonds, precious stones/metals and mobile phones.

·         High throughput – scan time less than 7 seconds

·         Complete head to toe inspection in one short inspection cycle, even if shoes are worn with very low dose rates.

·         State of the art image processing software and zoom functions facilitates efficient image evaluation.

·         Low dose rate <2.0 uSv/inspection

The AFSCAN FB series provides a security solution for people screening, enabling the detection of objects and threats concealed internally or externally on the body. AFSCAN FB       helps to reduce the smuggling of drugs, guns, knives, cell phones and other contraband. AFSCAN FB utilizes fixed components, resulting in a reliable and easy to maintain system, with low lifetime of ownership costs.

The are currently more than 290 AFSCAN FB systems deployed around the world, in a variety of applications, such as prisons, airports and customs checkpoints. Other applications include mines and refineries, helping to reduce incidents of diamond, gem and precious metal thefts amongst employees.

AFSCAN FB Provides a full-body X-ray image, in excellent quality at 2.0 uSv per inspection (+/- 125 scans/year).

This model is ideally suited for higher security inmate screening. Independently verified to meet the ANSI guidelines.

Technical Information   AFSCAN FB


·         Material Detect Includes                    Metal, ceramic, plastics, powders, explosives, narcotics

·         Detection Capability                            Objects hidden internally and externally on the body    

·         Type of Scan                                          Full body scan in one inspection pass

·         Primary Function                                  Screen people for contraband and threats

·         Wire Detectability                                standard: 36 AWG (0.13 mm) typical:38 AWG (0.10 mm)

·         Technology                                            Low dose transmission x-ray

Operational Data

·         Physical Format                                     Open tunnel – In line with checkpoint flow

·         Start Up Time                                         <2 minutes

·         Belt Speed                                              Approx. 0.12 m/s

·         Scan Method                                         Person moved through the beam

·         Scan Time                                              > 7 seconds

·         Alarm Resolution                                 Single image review

·         Conveyor Load Capacity                     >220 kg     

Installation Information

·         Dimensions                                             approx. 2585 (L) x 2525 (H) x 1955 (W) [mm]

·         Weight                                                     820 kg

·         Humidity                                                  10% - 90% (non condensing)

·         Storage Temperature                            -20°C to 60°C

·         Operating Temperature                        0°C to 40°C

·         Power Consumption                              < 0.9 kva

·         Mechanical Construction                      Metal body ( aluminum, steel)

·         Sound Pressure                                      < 70 dB (A)  

·         Power Supply (standard)                      230 VAC +10% /- 15% 50 Hz

Image Generation

·         Generator Cooling                                   Oil cooled, closed circuit

·         Scan Format                                              Fan beam line scan

·         Generator                                                  160 Kv cp, Hermetically sealed oil bath.

·         X-ray Converter                                        High resolution semiconductor detector lines 

·         Dose Per Inspection                                 < 2.0 uSv (<0.20 mRem)*

·         Duty Cycle                                                  100% 

Image Presentation

·         Result Presentation                                 Post scan still image – Full body image                

·         Grey Levels Stored                                   65536

·         Image Display                                            b/w

·         Image Evaluation Functions                      zoom, various enhancement and filter functions

·         Monitor                                                     special colour TFT monitor


                                            Scan and Image Management system (SIM), Configurations include:

-          Stand alone

-          Networked with central data and image storage

-          Connected to customer database

                                                     Operator’s table

                                                     Side wall / side wall with window

                                                     Can be configured with image store and load capability

                                                      Programmable function keys

                                                      Remote operator privacy solution

                                                      Software for instantaneous offsite independent image assessment

Measure in the center of the tunnel

All applicable national regulations, requirements and approvals need to be considered and addressed by the customer

All models of AFSCAN FB have been independently tested against the ANSI/HPS N43.17-2009 guideline











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