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The series Afscan X20VKG are, cheaper generation machines, for the detection of contaminants in containers such as trays, glass jars, bottles, cans, cartons, boxes, and small format bags

Main features


Built in stainless steel and polymeric materials food grade.
System consisting in X ray generator and sensor.
Electronics in a sealed air-conditioned box
Controlled by a single PC working with Windows.
Possibility of remote connection with the communications option.
Simple and versatile handling through touch screen.
Detects metals, stones, glass, bones, dense plastics and other foreign bodies

Technical features


230 Vac. ± 10% monophasic, 50/60Hz.
Power 1 kW.
Weight: 320kg.
(1) Rated speed transport band: (Fixed X20V KG) 20m/min. (Variable X20V KG +) from 15 to 40m/min
(2) Water cooling: water temp: Less than 25 ° C, flow rate: 4 l / min.
Operating temperature / Storage 4 ~ 45 ° C / 4 ~ 55 ° C.
Relative Humidity Operating / Storage 30-80% non-condensing.
80kV Generator: 80kW Maximum voltage, Maximum Power 100W Maximum amperage 1.2mA.
Generator 90KV: 90KV high voltage, high power 300W Maximum amperage 3mA

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