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Main features

Afscan X20V represents the state of art in machines for the detection of contaminants both with bulk products or inside boxes, or en caja y envases rígidos como tarros de vidrio, botellas, latas, briks y otros.
This system is based in X ray technology. The inspection method is designed to assure the integrity of the packed product, to identify contaminants, to detect lacks of product inside packs, to confirm right filling levels and for weight control.
For all these applications, there are systems in the market, apart from X ray machines to just partially do the job, nevertheless, X ray technology has much more advantages as follows:

Seek for contaminants: With a metal detector or a standard artificial vision system it sis possible to detect certain contaminants. Moreover, the X ray based system is advantageous in several ways: Seek for metals inside metal containers. Seek for nonmetal contaminants inside any kind of opaque container with opaque products. Contaminants that are able to be detected: Glass, metals, stones, bones, PVC and high density plastics, hard rubber.
Filling levels (extra): With X ray it is possible to determine the filling level in all kind of containers: metallic, plastic, glass, opaque or transparent, etc.
Weight control (extra): It is possible to calculate the weight (mass) of the whole or a part of a product, package, etc.

Advantages of this inspection system are obvious for the food sector.


G65/90: Designed for the inspection of medium or big sized packed products, working over a conventional conveyor belt. Maximum size for containers is 500mm wide and 250 mm high.
S65: Designed for the inspection of bulk or packed products with a maximum height of 50mm, working over a conventional conveyor belt.
B65: Designed for the inspection of bulk products supplied through a feeding hopper.

Technical Data:

The machine is driven by a PC computer, and is mainly built with AISI 304.

Secure Use:

The equipment offers guaranteed security against escape of ionizing radiation, both under normal conditions and in others that may occur accidentally, including possible incorrect uses. This point is supported by the type approval granted by the Spanish Ministry of Industry upon the regulations on nuclear and radioactive installations.

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