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Mobile unit for baggage inspection.
Perfect where mobility in hold baggage screening is necessary.

Combining the level of performance and technology of the AFSCAN 9090T line with durability and reliability Scantruck is particularly well suited for harsh working conditions.

Operator's cab

Mobile Unit


Acquisition System
  • Resolution: 41 guaranteed AWG, 42 typical AWG
  • Penetration (steel): 36 guaranteed milimeter, 38 typical milimeter
  • Doble array to "L"

  • Generator RX
  • Generator RX ad High Frequency (30kHz, 500W)
  • Voltage anode: 150kV

  • Unity of ispection
  • Dimensions: 3600mm (L) x 1265mm (W) x 1740mm (H)
  • Weight: 950kg
  • Dimensions max bagagge: 900 mm (W) x 900 mm (H)
  • Height belt: 330mm (adjustable)
  • Speed belt: 0.2 m/sec
  • Cargo max belt: 165kg
  • Power supply: 230 VAC o 110 VAC +/- 10%; 50/60Hz +/- 3 Hz monophase
  • Duty cycle: 100%

  • Unity of control
  • Controls:

  •         ignition key
            buttons move belt
            buttons of processing
            buttons of program
            buttons emergecy
  • Monitor: 19” LCD (1280x1024 pixels)

  • Radioprotection and security
  • The system satisfies the relative international norms applicable to radioprotection and security of the operator and the public.
  • Dose scape to 10cm: <1.0µSv / h (0.1mR/h)
  • Film safe

  • Requirement environmental
  • Operating temperature: 0°C - +40°C
  • Stoccaggio temperature: -20°C - +60°C
  • Relative humidity: 95% without condense
  • Protection class: IP 22

  • Functionality of base
  • Alarm objects to high density (adjustable threshold)
  • Files of images
  • Files session of images
  • Tecnhology multienergy
  • Variable penetration
  • "High penetration": permit of optimize the contrast of the more denser areas of the image with a direct key.
  • "Low penetration": permit of optimize the contrast of the less denser areas of the image with a direct key.
  • Optimization of contrast (allows to select the optimal contrast executing the Hystogram Equalization)
  • Exaltation of edges (allows to exalt the edges and the threads in the image in analysis)
  • Pseudo color (such function carries out the digital coloration of the image weighed on several levels of gray to the aim to exalt the contrast between zones to similar absorption
  • Energy stripping (single family of materials or one allows to visualize one combination of families of materials on the monitor to colors)
  • Window of contrast (allows of expand the levels of gray inside of a window whose position can have varied along the scale of the same grays)
  • Negative of the image
  • Zoom continuous until 64x
  • Rotozoom
  • Callback image
  • Callback session of image
  • Tutorial
  • Info (allows to the visualization of one page of information machine, usefullness and diagnostic to level of use)
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

  • Optional
  • AFSCAN (software for acquisition exploded developed to you with reference to the European norms E.D.S)
  • TIP (Threat Image Projection) system training of the operator
  • Net-server (remote station of supervision)
  • AIMS (Archiving and Image Management System) system for store and management images
  • Reverse (acquisition in both senses of sliding of the belt)
  • Smart-card login (system of access control to use it of the system by means of smart-card)
  • Training
  • Diagnostic remote
  • Print screen
  • Test STP
  • Operator Mat
  • 21" LCD/CRT monitors (1280 x 1024 pixels)
  • Configuration to high flow
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