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AFSCAN Systems cargo and vehicle inspection products have been deployed in a variety of government and private sector applications, winning out on the basis of their exceptional threat detection capabilities. Among other benefits -- such as speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use -- our cargo and vehicle inspection systems are also backed by an unparalleled global support network. All AFSCAN cargo and vehicle inspection products reflect our corporate commitment to excellence in imaging performance, design, ease-of-use and quality.  This commitment results in products that have best-in-class imaging, low cost of ownership, high reliability and high operator satisfaction. 

AFSCAN cargo and vehicle inspection systems are proven in challenging applications at seaports, border crossings and critical facilities around the world.  Inspectors use our superior images to combat smuggling and find hidden contraband, including explosives, weapons, narcotics and weapons of mass destruction.  Customers can choose products with unique features and scanners that operate in different modes to easily adapt to changing operational requirements.  With support from AFSCAN global service network, our cargo and vehicle inspection products deliver value to our customers from the first day of operation throughout their lifetime.

AFSCAN Gantry M 6

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