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    Tele-support via internet for systems AFSCAN

    Contract support via Internet

    AFSCAN provides technical support remotely via Internet
    (with link from the customer in it's local provider), available daily from hour 8.30 to 12.30, from hour 14.00 to 22.00.

    Each request for assistance is requested by phone or via fax and just a technical free it will make available contact us the customer who requested intervention to establish the connection. At the end of the link is compiled a report containing the following information:

    Kit the tele-support

    For the customer that did not the form of tele remotely, is possible provide a package software-hardware of tele-support includes a CD, an explanatory book, an external USB modem and license to use.

    Back Training courses of the equipment

    AFSCAN provides training of the our equipment:

    AFSCAN offers various levels of training, depending on the needs of the customer. The courses can be modified and adapted to the needs of the customer, and discussed with our experts. Tutti i corsi si effettuano con apparecchiature in dotazione AFSCAN. All courses are made with equipment provided AFSCAN. It is our pleasure to provide customer education high quality. The our technical have accumulated years of experience on our equipment.

    Training of operator
    This course is oriented for groups of operators of system that will learn the functions and the ways to use the equipment correctly.

    All courses are certified by AFSCAN and all participants will receive a certificate valid for two years.

    Training can be done in our plant or at the customer. For more information on courses, availability and prices contact us info@afscan.it.

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