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The inspection to X-Ray in sector industrial offers the capcity of get efforts cosiderable for ensure the quality of the products.
The application ideal for this sector is fluoroscopy that, make acquisition of fluoroscopic images in real time, allowing the more high productivity livels in the control the large quantities of product specimens. The technical of the fluoroscopy consent of value the inner integrity of the product or execute the diagnosis of the not function causes avoiding the destruction of the sample by means of X-Ray examen.
The standard X-Ray cabinets is provided by a sigle block-steel, by a frame-aluminium, by a transportable via crane or lifting truck, by a radiological component, by an unit control console for object movement and a TV chain complete the monitor. The standard version is equipped by the door of loading and unloading of type sliding activate with a electrical control.
The most important application the standard X-Ray cabinets in the controls industrial are:
  • Control inspection of light alloys and steeel
  • Control of assembled parts
  • Control of parceles and baggage
  • Control on-line carbon-steel
  • Inspection of food products
    AFSCAN offers to its clients the planing and the solutions for the custumized the cabinets to satisfy the unique requirements of specific clients.
    AFSCAN realize special installations that can be a partial or a complete customized conform with each client’s inspection need. The customized can be make mechanical as well as in software applications.
    Any of the our system equipment are built by:
  • System for control of castings
  • System for control of alloy rings
  • System for control food products

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